Town in the province of Turin, located on the foothills of the morainic amphitheater of Ivrea and bordered to the east by the Baltea, which separates it from the province of Vercelli, to the west of its territory is washed by the waters of Lake Candia.

Altitude: 243 m s/m - Size: Kmq. 16,91

Population: Vischesi tot. 1345

Fractions: Batuello, Cafasso, Luisina, Mombello Moncucco, Monessa, Ova, Pratoferro, Putetto and Viscano.

Neighboring municipalities: Vestignè, Borgomasino, Moncrivello, Villareggia, Mazzè, Strambino, Candia

Distance from Turin: 40km

Highway: Rondissone A4 - A5 San. Giorgio

Patron Saint: St. Bartholomew, is celebrated on the last Sunday of August.

Market: Wednesday

The economy of Vische is based mainly on agriculture, the territory of the municipality produces mainly maize, although lately they have also found a place some realities of small-medium industry. A part of the population is permanently employed in industrial activities, both in the surrounding areas that Ivrea and Turin.

Business activities are represented by a varying presence of stores, both food, and merchandise, as well as services and workshops.

Refreshments: There are three rooms:

  •     Bar Pizzeria- Ristorante "Da Dindo "
  •     Bar Restaurant " White Horse "
  •     Restaurant "A cà Silva "

Food specialties: The kitchen is simple and is based on peasant recipes, where the products of the earth are the basic ingredients to offer you a pleasant rediscovery of the "flavors of the past." Typical are the sausages, including the "salam potato", and the derivatives of the pig, as: "the piotin" and "preve" (rind flavored with herbs and drugs, rolled and tied), which are essential in the preparation of "fasoej gras" cooked in the typical "tofeja." The desserts are featured with "pastes melija" sweets made of corn flour that accompany the good wine "Raisin", produced locally from the vine DOC Erbaluce with the traditional method.



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