Villareggia , the town of 1,000 inhabitants in the province of Turin , relax on the wide plains of Vercelli , which starts right here , where the hills of the moraine front , cut from the blue ribbon which is the Baltea, give way to a generous land and productive .
From the hill watches over the village church of the ancient village of San Martino Ugliacco , built in Romanesque style dating from the twelfth century.
The houses of the country, some from a rural past which is still partly present, are arranged around the center of Villareggia , on which stands the unmistakable tower-gate, a building stone and brick raised by a bell . And ' the only remnant of the medieval shelter , evidence of a hard time and proud .
In the square of the shelter is the ancient parish church of Santa Marta dating back to the sixteenth century, which was later replaced by the present parish church of St. Martin, in the Baroque style , the end of 1600 .

Around the country, surrounded by green forests , the trails will accompany between nature and the tranquility of a peaceful world .

Starting in 2006, has been restored to Villareggia the tradition of the Palio of the cantons , in which defy the districts of the country.

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