Mazzè ( Massè in Piedmontese ) is a town of 4,177 (Istat 2010 ) inhabitants in the province of Turin where the river Baltea .

Center known for its ancient castle situated on the hill of San Michele and overlooking the large loop of Baltea flowing at the foot of the cliff. Encompasses Bareilly , Casale and Tonengo . The territory is divided into two parishes of the Diocese of Ivrea : SS. Gervasio and Protasio ( Mazzè town and village Bareilly for a total of about 2,000 parishioners ) and S. Francis of Assisi ( fractions Tonengo and Casale for a total of about 2,200 parishioners ) .

The name of the locality situated at the western edge of the Canavese origins still unclear , there are two possible cases when :

The first is related to the finding in the pavement of the church dedicated to St. Lawrence , and Job , the ancient parish of Mazzè , a tombstone dedicated to one of the imperial era sevir [ the sevirato represented a sort of municipal office ( judiciary ), under the cult linked to the emperor ] , Macionis is the name on the tombstone that reads , which would have provided , with various modifications matured over time , the basis of the current name of the place.
The second hypothesis would shift the origin of the name to Celtic times , remember that the ancient inhabitants of the area before the arrival of the Romans were of Celtic-Ligurian , and the Celtic word would have been Mattiacu .
Domenico Serra distinguished scholar of culture and traditions as well as canavesane linguist in his book toponomastico Contribution to Romee and Description of Roman roads in the Canavese confirm this theory , by deriving the term from Mattiaca , the Celtic god of war and the underworld and Mrs. fords , known in Ireland by the name of Morrigan (name known to us in the translation of " Morgana "). To support this theory, there is also the fact that there was in ancient Mazzè the only practicable ford on Baltea to the plains of Vercelli , unless you want to pass from Ivrea and then on to the Lake Viverone

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